Best Ergonomic Mouse

The computer mouse of the right ergonomic fit can reduce the risk of getting the orthopedic injuries or better still compensate for the existing conditions. There are things to look for in the best ergonomic mouse. This blog addresses some of the things that will help you identify the best computer devices for comfort.

Things to look for


As far as ergonometric is concerned the size of the computer mouse matters. A computer mouse mklplmbbbthat is either too small or large will naturally cause the size of your hand to cramp or stretch your tendons. It is critical to note that different computer mice are usually marketed for their advanced features. How comfortable or uncomfortable the mouse shell will be determined by the fitting of the hand size.
Well looking for the best computer mouse, the first thing that you should consider is the size. The feature of the mouse should come much later. You should find a computer mouse that fits your hand perfectly. You can write down the preferred dimensions and look for the particular computer mouse.


The weight is another crucial ergonometric feature of a computer mouse. The weight if the computer mouse is much more a matter of the personal taste. Some individuals love heavier mice whereas there are those that love lighter mice. The heavier mice are lived because they help anchor the hand whereas the light ones are usually not resistant to the peripheral moves about.
You should, however, note that the heavier the mouse, the more effort it requires to move even though the difference might be slight.


The height is another design of the mouse that you should consider. You should note that when the hand is at rest, it is usually not flat. It usually forms a contour that is referred to as the arch. When buying the computer mouse, you should, therefore, ensure that it reproduces an arch with some few vertical design exceptions. When purchasing, the mice avoid those that are elegantly styled but are flat since they are likely to cause you wrist pains when they are used over time.

Thumb rest

jkmbvxzjjjjjLast but not least, the thumb rest is critical. Some of the computer mice have the plateau that keeps the thumb off the mouse on the traveling surface. This helps in friction reduction and the strain that is kept on the thumb.

Some mice have side buttons whereas there are those that have the button on the upper side. Choose the one that you can comfortably use.

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