Solar Power

Though not many may agree with it, there are reasons to believe that solar power systems have gone much beyond providing eco-friendly and cost-effective power solutions. There are many instances which go to prove that having solar power systems help communities to adapt better to changing conditions. In the case of disasters and emergencies, it has been proven that those who have solar power systems in their communities are in a much better position to handle such situations. Hence it would not be an exaggeration to mention that solar power systems increase community resilience.


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There is no denying the fact that as days go by hydrocarbon fuels will become extremely scarce. The prices are bound to skyrocket, though we might now be witnessing a steep fall in their prices. Hence those who understand the benefits associated with solar power systems would be prepared for the worst while others could be staring at a dark hole.

Further communities that are experts in using solar energy to supplement or even entirely replace power from electrical grids can insulate themselves from the price uncertainties which are quite common from other sources of energy. When done on a large scale it can go a long way in lowering energy costs significantly. This also will help reduce the levels of economic uncertainly because energy costs and economic growth or de-growth are closely interlinked.

Emergency Situations

Emergencies and exigencies do not come announced. Most often they are a bolt from the blue, and they would have caused extensive damage before we could even realize what is happening. When such emergencies strike, power and telecommunication services are the ones who gets disturbed.

Whenever therhnkmb35wedrc5t236wedy7u22e is a major power disturbance, it is utility services like water, lighting, telecommunications, banking and other such services which get impacted very badly. In such situations, individuals, and communities who have solar power backup are most likely to be in a resilient position to overcome such challenges. Many of them apart from being independent and self-sufficient would also be able to help those who are in distress.

Finally, if you are one of those who have a big liking for the environment and eco-systems, you certainly will settle for a good solar backed power system. Though the initial cost of setting them up a solar power generating system could be expensive, the benefits which it offers regarding convenience and recurring cost more than offsets the initial cost. More importantly, it creates a new group of society members who are positive, well prepared and extremely resilient to take on emergency situations.

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