Aquarium Maintenance – How To keep Your Fish Happy


It is such a beauty to won an aquarium at home or the reception of a hotel or restaurant. As a matter of fact, this attraction can be found anywhere to catch the public eye. According to an expert at Aquacadabra, one of the biggest challenges of owning an aquarium is poor maintenance. The expert adds that you can easily buy supportive items for your aquarium with ease while the rest of the maintenance activities are pretty easy. If you have just owned our first piece of this beauty unit at your home, then this article is for you. So, below are some of the tips to keep it in the best state.

Keeping your fish happy

Maintaining the water pH levels

aquarium Fish are delicate creatures especially those that are confined in a small container to stay there. Any imbalance of pH and other minerals can cause their death within hours. Buying kit to test the pH will offer great help in balancing the acidity and alkalinity of the water in the tank. Depending on which fish you have, then maintaining the right pH will be easy.

For aquariums that hold fresh water fish, make sure that the pH is always at around 7 with a minus or negative or positive of a few points allowed. The salt water fish has slightly more alkaline which can go slightly above pH of 8.0 depending on the species of the fish.

Changing the water

Aquarium experts recommend that the fish get some clean water after a while. Say two weeks changing of water will be convenient for the fish. If this is not possible, it is recommended that at least 25 percent of the water be changed. The purpose of changing the water is to clean the aquarium, keep the level of nitrates to safer levels and make sure that the fish are happy especially those for fresh water.

Replacing any faulty aquarium accessory

An aquarium usually has some accessories that help it to run is the best way. This includes the lighting, the filtering system, and the vacuum cleaner just to mention but a few. When any of the above fails, then the aquarium will not function properly. In fact, this can lead to the death of the fish due to alteration of the water pH by food particles and lack of enough oxygen for the fish.

Therefore, repairing or replacing any of these accessories as fast as possible when they get faulty is very crucial. Make sure that you use a qualified technician to do the replacement. If you will buy them, only do so from a reliable supplier.

Maintain the right water temperature

Fish cannot thrive well in too hot water or too cold water. The optimum temperature is the best for your fish. Summer and winter seasons can have their share of challenges to aquarium owners, but with the right accessories, all will be well. Further, placing the tank near a window that is directly in the sun for long can wreak havoc on the fish. An aquatic temperature regulator is the best device to use in this case.