Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

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The inbox blueprint 2.0 can be described as an internet marketing training program that incorporates some lessons on how to build a successful online business through the use of email subscription.

Developed by Anik Singal, the inbox blueprint 2.0 bonus had identified the potential of email marketing when it came to marketing an online business and explored the most efficient techniques in email marketing which when made use of, will bring about useful results. The following Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review will help shed more light on what this training encompasses.


What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

As mentioned earlier, the Blueprint 2.0 is a training program which specifically focuses on the useonline marketing of email marketing to promote an online business. The training was developed by Anik Singal, an online entrepreneur with over ten years of experience who has featured twice as one of the top 3 young entrepreneurs in Business Weekly and has also appeared on major TV networks such as CNN.

The training program makes use of written tutorials as well as training videos to pass across information to learners

What is encompassed in the training?

The Blueprint 2.0 training features a series of 8 training modules. The following is an overview of these modules

Addiction meter; Niche selection

This is the first module and introduces the learner on how to select the best niche on which to start an online business and him various method through which one can acquire a mailing list

The bait

The second step is also known as the bait teaches learners how to create an opt-in page and the kind of data that should be collected from the email subscribers and what information should be shared with email subscribers


Highlights strategies to be used in the thank you page for an email subscription

Email machine

This step of the training lays emphasis on the autoresponder service for emails and subscribers

List relationship

This training module focuses on how to establish a working relationship between the marketer and subscriber

Payday Secrets

This module focuses on how to transform a subscription list into income

Easy traffic

This shows how you can generate traffic to your opt-in page through various techniques

Unlimited success

This is the final module of the 8 step inbox blueprint 2.0 training and focuses on how to sustain and improve an email marketing campaign

How much does it cost?

globeThe Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review will not be complete without mentioning the price. The initial purchase begins by an individual paying an investment fee of $97 in 3 separate payment bits bringing it to a total of $291.

The original membership fee gives a unique access to the 8 step training program, but an individual also has the option of upgrading to the Elite group version by paying $297 so as to obtain 12 hours of tutorial videos by seasoned email marketers