Guide for Choosing Contract Cleaning Services

Domestic and commercial office cleaning business nowadays is lucrative. As a result, there are a lot of cleaning companies which are being established to claim a share of the market. Unfortunately most of these operators do not have what it takes to offer quality services. If you are thinking of hiring a commercial contract cleaning company then here are some things to consider.

Staff Training

cleaner carrying mop

This is the most important consideration. Any company is as good as its staff, especially companies that are selling the services of their staff rather than products. Look for cleaners who are trained in-house. At a minimum, they need to receive training on how to clean, health and safety. They should ideally be trained to the cleaning standards.

Agency Staff

Avoid choosing companies which use agencies. Agency staff often lack motivation and commitment and thus can be unreliable. There will be occasions with any company when your regular cleaner is off sick. The key, therefore, is asking how the company will provide cover and check this would not be an agency.

Size of the Company

The size of the cleaning company is vital. The contract cleaning market divides into three categories which are small, medium and large. Small firms are often run from a home office, medium one cover only a specific area and large ones cover the whole country. Small companies may not be able to handle large contracts. Large companies certainly will but their service may be less good, and the owner may not be involved in running the business. You may, therefore, choose medium companies which combine both worlds unless your cleaning requirement is large.

Terms of Business

Reputable companies always have standard terms of business that cover both parties. If they do not have this or do not know what you mean by standard terms of business, alarm bells should ring. Avoid such a company and keep looking.

Maintaining Cleaning Standards

cleaner cleaning floor

Most cleaning companies carry out regular inspections in the early days of the contract, and most of the cleaners are motivated in the early days. The key here is asking how quality and cleaner morale will be maintained throughout the contract before you hire a contract cleaning company.

Commitment and Professionalism

Some companies are literally run from garden sheds or by people working part-time from their living rooms. You need to select a firm which has shown commitment to their line of business by investing in proper offices. Addresses sometimes can give this away. Ask the company if they operate from home or office if you are in doubt.

Cleaning companies should also come around to see your premises and do a survey before quoting. This is an ideal opportunity of assessing their professionalism. Someone who turns up late without telling you, wearing a pair of ripped jeans may not be a good choice.

If you are considering contract cleaning services, then this guide will help you get the best company. Considering these points is essential.