Top Advantages of Vaping over Smoking

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Since the introduction of vaping, there has been a debate which has never settled on what are its advantages over smoking. Well, it is important to note that vaping is a new concept that is gaining popularity as the days go by.

People from various parts of the world are making use of the electronic cigarettes, and their demand is on the increase. The vape dealers are making a kill which is a testimony that is indeed vaping is becoming popular. We look at the advantages of vaping over smoking.

Less Harmful Chemical

The electronic cigarettes contain less harmful chemicals as compared to the traditional cigarettes. Some of the chemical and toxins that cigarettes contain include carbon monoxide, ammonia, lead, arsenic, cyanide, and nicotine, just but to mention a few.

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According to medical experts, there are at least 25 toxic chemicals that are typically produced during the smoking of tobacco which can cause cancer. The electronic cigarettes contain the vape juice which has little of the said chemicals. Most of the vape juice contains nicotine and the flavor that is displayed on the side. The FDA usually approves the flavors that are typically used.

Less Harmful

The standard cigarette smoking is usually associated with various diseases like the cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, mouth cancer, and lung cancer. Medical research has found that indeed the smoking of the ordinary cigarettes is dangerous as it may cause terminal diseases to both the chain and regular smokers.

This is supported by the fact that the regular cigarette has what is referred to as the carcinogenic chemicals that are usually produced when the regular cigarette burns. This is however not the case when we talk about electronic smoking.

Less Addictive

Nicotine is the substance that makes the individuals to be addicted to smoking. Most of the cigarette brands, especially those that are purchased in the backstreet have the un-moderated amount of nicotine. This has made many individuals be addicted to smoking.

This is, however, not the case when we talk about the electronic cigarette because the vaping juice has a different composition of nicotine. In fact, in some countries, the vape juice does not contain the addictive substance which is nicotine.

Different Flavors

smoking cigarettes Last but not least, the electronic cigarette is available in different flavors. It gives users an opportunity to vape their favorite flavors like strawberry, vanilla, and mango just but to mention a few.

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