Lip Augmentation Cosmetic Procedure

beautiful lips

Lip augmentation is becoming a very popular procedure that many people are now adopting. Experts at skin club – cosmetic doctors are provide this important service. The main aim of this cosmetic procedure is to give the lips a fuller look and make them gain a better shape. Fuller lips are believed to be sexy and more appealing compared to thin lips.

This is why cosmetic surgeons have found a way to increase the size of lips. To make the lips fuller, cosmetic surgeons use dermal filler injections. The injections consist of a filler known as hyaluronic acid that is injected into the lips.

Why people prefer hyaluronic acid for lip fillers

Get the lip volume you want

It is easier to get the lip volume that you want when using hyaluronic acid ffiller lipsor lip fillers compared to other methods. The acid is in the syringe is injected into the lips, and this makes it easier to control the lip volume.
Other methods like fat deposition are harder to control. This is why you find that the results of the procedure are not as perfect as you would expect. Sometimes the lips end up being too big or smaller than the patient expected. Using hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, you always get what you want.

Limited scarring and bruising

The challenge that most cosmetic surgeons deal with is controlling scars and bruises that come with a cosmetic procedure. The best thing with using these fillers is you don’t have the deal with bruises and scars after the procedure.

The healing process is very fast and effective because no incisions are made on the lips. It will be so easy for you to recover because there are no scars on the lips. You will only have to deal with needle incisions that are usually very minimal, and they take very little time to heal.

Less reaction

With hyaluroafter lips fillernic acid, you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions that are common with the other types of fillers. This is an acid similar to other body fluids so your body will adjust well to the insertion of the acid to the lips.

You don’t have to worry about dangerous foreign substances being inserted into the body. Another advantage is the fact that you don’t have to experience lamps that are common with other procedure. This is a natural occurring chemical in the body and for this reason, it blends very well with the body.

Fairly lasting

This is not a permanent solution to lip augmentation but it last long enough. It will take a longer time before you need to go for another filler.