Various Reasons To Have Your Home’s Ducts Cleaned

dirty air ducts

In any home, there are many types of indoor air pollutants. The majority of these pollutants come from combustion sources such as gas, coal, wood, or oil. They leave off-gas toxins in the air, which you family breathes. They are known to cause different respiratory problems from excessive or repeated exposure. Nowadays, there is an entire market of services and products that emerged to satisfy the need for quality, clean indoor air.

To protect your home and your family from such toxic pollutants is to ensure your home is cleaned on a regular basis. In fact, dirty air ducts are common sources of indoor air contamination in a home. The following are top reasons to have ducts cleaned on a regular basis:

Reasons to clean your air ducts

You suspect moldcleaning your air ducts

As ducts operate over months and years, layers of dust and particles are deposited slowly in the duct. The dust absorbs moisture in the air; this creates ideal conditions for the mold to grow. The HVAC system is behind the scenes. Thus, it is not visible or accessible to check and inspect mold growth. If there is mold in your home, or just want to have peace of mind, you need routine duct cleaning. Experts can test for molds in the ducts and offer you preventing cleaning services. This will ensure your indoor air is mold-free.

Heard or seen rodents or insects

You may have heard of scampering through ducts at night? If you have noticed trails of insects, that lead to your vents. In that case, you have vermin infestation. The fine layer of debris and dust in the ducts acts as an ideal home for mice, rats, ants, and cockroaches. Therefore, you need your ducts cleaned to reduce vermin infestation.

Air ducts never cleaned before

If several person cleaning air ductsmonths or years have passed without having your air ducts cleaned, you need to schedule your appointment. Think of your ducts going for a long time without proper cleaning. Over the years, dead skin cells, dust, toxic particles, and dead insects have contributed layers of debris. When the ducts become clogged with such particles, they are blown out of air vents into the air you are breathing.

Improved efficiency

Studies show that duct cleaning improves the efficiency of your HVAC systems. It is advisable to have your ducts cleaned by professional and licensed experts such as Houston air duct cleaning company. They should clean your fans, heat exchangers, and cooling coils.